I never considered my drawing on the subway to be “voyeuristic” until Disclaimer Magazine asked me to be their featured artist. Nothing wrong with a little edgy-ness. Disclaimer is an online publication on politics, economics and art based in London. I absolutely love the site design and was thrilled at how they art directed my work. And hey, it was also fun to be interviewed.

Here is a little about their site and their philosophy, which I love by the way…

We are a group of writers, journalists, artists and others who want to create something that looks and feels different to most of what’s out there. We want to challenge the consensus, make you think twice about long held views, and contribute to the conversation in ways other publications don’t.We’ll bring you young voices that have yet to make their mark and established writers with inside views on politics and experience of how things work. We’ll have radicals and idealists, pragmatists and realists, all tackling issues seriously but with a light touch and as much humour as possible.

“We’re socially very liberal, economically less so. We want to see markets working for the benefit of society, not rigged to suit the interests of the few. We dislike how market ideology has encroached on civic and private life.

We won’t mouth off with smash-the-system platitudes, but we do want our democracy to represent the interests of its citizens. We come with an informed perspective on the pressures and dilemmas faced by those in power, but that doesn’t mean we’ll go easy on them.

We want our readers to know that we will never run sponsored content. It’s not that we don’t think that you can’t tell the difference between advertorial and real journalism, it’s that we find sponsored content corrosive, misleading and tacky. Basically, it sucks and we’re not doing it. We will only publish stuff we think is good regardless of what it does to click through rates and algorithms.

We have decided to dispense with a readers’ comments section. Too often, they get hijacked by ill informed dickheads wanting to go on a rant. So, if you read something in Disclaimer Magazine that you want to take issue with, send in a piece making a proper argument and we’ll probably publish it. 

Last but not least, we want to create something that is beautiful, which is why we give artists top billing. It’s why Disclaimer looks the way it does. The first thing you see when you land on the home page is a kick-ass work of art, even before you see the name of the magazine. It’s a moment for pause and contemplation.

We do this for a reason: it’s because we believe that art – or the arts in the broadest sense – is more important than all those other things we write about. It makes us more than simply consumers or voters or journalists or whatever job we do to pay the bills, it makes us human.”